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Welcome To SoPro Nutri Pvt Ltd

SoPro is an all-natural protein supplement that provides the right protein combination to different sections of the population. We offer 2 major segments of our product with a separate focus on men and women. SoPro Nutri Pvt Ltd is a company with a cause to build a healthy India. SoPro Nutri Pvt Ltd. Has launched new range of health drinks in the FMCG/Functional Foods market segment. SoPro has a variety of protein based health drink products which will be first set of products introduced into the market. Further there are plans to develop other variants like nutrition bars, breakfast cereals, snack foods etc. These products will also promote a healthy alternative to your otherwise eating habits. SoPro believes that protein is very crucial for a healthy lifestyle today and needs to be a compulsory part of one’s daily diet. The mission story at SOPRO - to provide protein supplements to all, from children to the old. Men and women, pregnant women, diabetics, sportsmen/women, athletes, gym and fitness training etc. SoPro will offer the right kind of protein combination and complete suitable nutrient for each category of consumers.