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Mother Sprash Baby Lotion

- Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion is approved ayurvedic formulation that keeps baby’s skin smooth

- supple and protect skin from dryness

Mother Sprash Baby Powder

- Sparsh Baby Powder is tailored to protect baby’s soft and delicate skin from rashes

- itching

- irritation & other skin allergies.

Mother Sprash Baby Massage L...

- In various scientific studies and Ayurveda

- it is suggested that moderate massage of baby helps to enhance the body growth in natural manner.

Mother Sprash Baby Soap

- Mother Sparsh Baby Soap is formulated by using natural ingredients to effectively cleanse and provide complete nourishment

Mother Sprash Baby Body Wash

- It contains mild astringent properties that helps in removing dust

- pathogens in realigning with the skin texture.

Mother Sprash Gripe Water

- It is relieve from gastrointestinal discomforts.

Mother Sprash Janam Ghutti

- Mother Sparsh Janam Ghutti is 100% Ayurvedic formulation to deliver broad spectrum benefits in optimizing overall growth of babies.

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