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Davana Oil

- Used for flavoring the food

- Used in the tobacco industry

- Liquor industry

- Utilized in toothpastes and pastry industry

Palmarosa Oil

- palmarosa oil is extracted from wild growing grass of Cymbopogon Martini and Varietas Motia plants. The product has various backnotes and topnotes depending upon the quality and age of the oil. Our product finds great application in the soap industry as it blends well with the conventional soap perfume. It also forms an excellent base with geranium oil and oakmoss concrete or absolute.

Patchouli Oil

- Patchouli oil which is known to have excellent antimicrobial properties. Useful in skin care industry. Ingredient of soaps

- detergents

- Masking agent for unpleasant smells

- Used in breath fresheners and incense

Geranium Oil

- The range of geranium oil offered by us is known for its appealing floral fragrance and is characterized by typical colorless to light green appearance. A dash of mint-like aroma in the oil makes it favorite of many across the world. The product has tremendous medicinal properties

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