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I had started this company on 3rd Nov.1996. But the profession was basically started by my father Late Doctor Jagan Nath Bhatia well-known homoeopathic doctor Jagan Nath Bhatia who was an excellent doctor. He felt the need of good quality medicines in India where homoeopathy and homoeopathic doctors were considered excellent but the homoeopathic medicines manufactured in India were not providing a proper range of the rare homoeopathic medicines. This thing appeared to bother him. So he decided to take upon the task of establishing a homoeopathic manufacturing unit. So, I established JNSON LABORATORIES (P) LTD. a homoeopathic company. In the beginning the company was doing very badly. But gradually with the grace of my father’s blessings & my teams hardwork company is getting the prestigious name in the medical sphere. JNSON Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. envisions to become a global leader and to be the world’s premier manufacturer of Homoeopathic Medicines and strengthen our market share by continuously coming up with superior quality innovative products, creating a definite, reliable and cost effective path of good health to people of all age groups, devoid of any adverse effects, governed by our qualified team of professionals with aid of regularly upgraded technology thus serving the humanity by delivering the most reliable medical science in the years to come.