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An important change is going to take place in our medical future' say's the heir to the aristocratic Menachery Erinjery Family, Mr. Kuriappan K. Erinjery. Founded the group in 1971, with its first venture named "Everest Tiles" clicking to a great success. It has, ever since its formation, diversified into many other fields and now is one of the enterprising groups in Kerala. The Everest Ayurveda Medicines began its operations way back in 1981 in the village of Chiyyaram, the outskirts of Thrissur, Kerala of Southern India. The successful Everest Pharma, the first Ayurveda venture of the Group, played a major role in integrating the traditional & modern techniques of manufacture of Ayurveda Medicines. The slogan of Everest Pharma was based on the methods followed by us - Specially For You Naturally. A second division of Everest Ayurveda Medicines was opened in 1995 named Everest Drugs; Later, in 2007, it was amalgamated with Everest Pharma.