Nutri Life Gold

Nutri Life Gold


Each Kg contains: Calcium 212.5 gm, Phosphorus 106.25 gm, Magnesium 5 gm, Copper 3.5 gm, Zinc 8 gm Manganese 1.25 gm, Iron 1.25 gm, Cobalt 125 mg, Potassium 83 mg, Sodium 5 mg, Selenium 8.83 mg, Bioactive Chromium 65 mg,Vit A-5833333 IU, Vit D3-58333 IU, Vit E-208 mg , Nicotinamide- 833 mg, Sulphur-6 gm, Enriched with Amino Acids and Probiotics.


Veterinary range


1 kg

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Nutri Life Gold Nutri Life Gold Nutri Life Gold

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