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Welcome To Cachet Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Established in 1978, Cachet is one of the India’s leading pharmaceutical company. We are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations and nutraceuticals to meet the demands of domestic and international market. We are ranked 58th in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry and our growth is 36% (IMS Jul 2016). Our sales revenue from domestic business is 2955mn and 186mn from export business. We provide a wide range of products – Antibiotics, NSAIDs, Gastrointestinal, Nutritional, Anti-osteoporosis, Gynae and other segments.Our leading brands include Traxol, Traxol-S, Traxol-T, Lysoflam, NE, I-UP, Cavit-PM, PNZ, PNZ-D, Vitoc-D, Cadbe,Vitzin , Pamagin, P40, Moxate, Capritaz, Merotiva, Cachpar etc. Domestic formulations business is organized across 4 strategic business units (SBUs) with each SBU focusing on mix of speciality segments.Our domestic spread includes 4 depots 1 Central warehouse at Ambala,25 C&F agents, 5 Consignee agents and 3000+ stockists. Our total employee strength is 1305.