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Welcome To Bio India Pharma Pvt Ltd

Bio-India Pharma is a leading manufacturer of wide ranges of world-class homoeopathic remedies including generics, single remedies, combinations, complexes, as well as specialties for the last several years. The company was formed with an objective to promote the cause of homoeopathy through manufacturing and marketing of high quality medicine. Bio-India is striving towards this goal, working under efficient guidance and highly skilled personnel.Bio-India produces a wide range of homoeopathic medicines including bio-chemics, bio-combinations, mother tincture, triturations, potensied dilutions and combination remedies. These are manufactured as per the strict guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laid down by the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our technologically advanced manufacturing process, quality checking laboratory and research facility enable us to establish production and testing processes of international standards in terms of quality and effectiveness. Bio-India Pharma offers homoeopathic products under the brand name “Bio-India”.