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- PROBIOTICSProbiotics are dietary supplements containing beneficial bacterias and yeast which play an important role to strengthen the immunity. Probiotics play a major role to strengthen the immunity and a important role in dentistry by creating a biofilm and helps in prevention of dental caries. Prebiotics are designed in a way to stimulate the number and activities of probiotics to improve health. The benefits of Probiotics have been recognized and explored for over a century.1. Probiotic approach can be effective in selectively inhibiting oral pathogens or modulate the microbial composition of dental plaque. 2. Prebiotics are nondigestible dietary supplements.3.Prebiotics are designed to improve health by stimulating numbers and/or activities of probiotics like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. Prebiotics have been proved to be an aid to complement probiotics in the treatment of oral diseases.Their function is to enhance the growth and activity of beneficial organisms and simultaneously suppress the growth and activity of potentially deleterious bacteria.