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Welcome To Rickul Natural Sciences

Our Scientists Dr. Jutta Zimmerman and Dr. Dirk Kreischer have spent a considerable amount of their life devoted to the research of the products of the future. Their lifelong commitment towards this endeavor began in November 2001 and allowed them to achieve some success by 2006. It was at this particular time that they collaborated with the London based entrepreneur: Mr AS BAWA (Ricky). It is not unknown that a hard working person will never give up and it is because of this that the team has jointly created a plethora of natural products for the modern world: Surface Coatings, Surface Disinfectants, Human Hygiene, and other Cleaning Products.
These products led to the development of many additional products. Not only they are based on Organic naturally extracted raw materials, but they are also eco-friendly, economical and environment friendly , allowing them to be Biodegradable, BOD level reduction, UTL based theory, Human Safe, Inhalation Safe, Skin Safe, Animal Safe, Children Safe, Food Safe and more.