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Polyvate Suspension

- Ferrous Ascorbate

Stonebone Tablets

- Calcitriol

- Calcium with Zinc Sulphate

- Magnesium Hydroxide

Lyori Syrup

- Lycopene with antioxidant syrup

Fermin Syrup

- Mineral (iron) along with 3 vitamins(vitaminC

- vitamin B12

- and folic acid)

Embec Syrup

- B-Complex Syrup

Irotone Syrup

- Mineral (iron) along with 3 vitamins(vitaminC

- vitamin B12

- and folic acid).

Silyvell Syrup

- Silymarin with B-Complex Syrup

Lyvell Syrup

- Multivitamin with Lycopene Syrup.

Zincy-20 Suspension

- Zinc gluconate

Femtone-Z Capsules

- Capsule of Carbonyl Iron

- Zinc

- Folic Acid

- Vitamin C And B

Oriplex-L Syrup

- Vitamin B-Complex Syrup With Lysine

Ferivell-XT Suspension

- Ferrous Ascorbate and Folic Acid Suspension

Lyori Capsules

- Multivitamin with Lycopene capsules

Orisule Capsules

- Vitamin B-12

- B-Complex with Vitamin C capsules

Orifol-Z Capsules

- Carbonyl Iron

- Vitamins With Zinc And Folic Acid Capsule

Oplex-G Capsules

- Vitamins

- Minerals with Zinc

O-Plex-Forte Capsules

- Vitamins and Minerals Capsule with Zinc

Irotone Capsules

- Ferrous Fumarate

- Folic Acid Medicine

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