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Welcome To Obsurge Biotech Limited

Obsurge, is now a well known name in the pharmaceutical Industry with its established and trusted brands like SERADIC, DUB - 5 & ANXISET in the Indian Market for more than a decade. Obsurge Started with the aim to cater the two most important segment of Medical Industry i.e Obstetrics & Gyn and Surgeons, company got instant success with the drug SERADIC introduced to the world for the first time which received unprecedented support from the medical fraternity and still enjoys top ratings in its category (IMS Health data). Since the inception the organization has grown horizontally throughout in its approach, Geography and the therapeutic segments. Today we cater to almost all the categories and therapies including Psychiatry, Eye, Urology, cardiology, Dentisry, ENT, Orthopaedics, Gastroentology, Skin, Neuro apart from Surgeons and Gynaecology segments..