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Welcome to Mypharma Laboratories

Mypharma Laboratories came into existence with just few products on 12-12-2012.In short span of time, we have crossed several milestones to emerge as a leading pharma company in Derma segment. Today “HairFaire”,the flagship brand of the company is one of the largest selling Biotin combination ranges in Kerala and is a testimony to repose the confidence by the medical fraternity in Mypharma Laboratories – A feat made possible by the relentless pursuit for new launch. Over the years, Mypharma Laboratories has evolved into a knowledge driven company with a multi-product portfolio and is fast becoming a market leader in the pharmaceutical industry. We make constant effort to improve upon our products in tune with the developments in the pharmaceutical sector. In star products, the mega brands like Hairfaire,Mysunguard,Myketo lotion and Mydew are already great contributors. Our performance is really encouraging and introduction of Hairfaire – XL Serum, Myvermectin and Mydew soft lotion has added feathers to the cap.The brands like Hairfaire and Myketo are featuring in the top 10 brands in ORG of their segments.