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Cuminac Injection

- Enhanced shelf life

- No side effects

- Purity

Logicef-SB Injection

- Ceftriaxone and Sterile Sulbactam Injection

Butawin-M Injection

- Methylcobalamin Injection

Ogytex-D Injection

- Nimesulide with Paracetamol Injection

Logipet Injection

- Ceftriaxone Injection IP

Logikuf Syrup

- Cost effective

- Highly effective

- Long shelf life

- Balanced composition

Livodox Plus Veterinary Medi...

- Zero side effects

- Accurate composition

- Longer shelf life

Logikuf Plus Veterinary Medi...

- Hygienically processed

- Safe to use

- Purity

Calimed Tablet

- Used for optimum skeleton growth and bones

Varmicox Veterinary Medicine...

- Used for the treatment of animals

Ventobol Tablet

- Ideal for curing animals

Medimact Tablets

- Ivermectin 10 mg tablets

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