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CT-Max P Tablets

- Citicoline 500mg

- Piracetam 800mg Tablets

Nuromax-OD Tablets

- Methylcobalamin 1500mcg

- Alpha Lipoic Acid USP 100mg

- Pyridoxine HYDROCHLORIDE IP 3mg

- Folic Acid IP 1.5mg Tablets

Fibrolin-75 Capsules

- Pregabalin 75mg Capsules

Nurocal-CT Soft Gel Capsules

- Calcium Carbonate IP 500mg

- Calcitriol IP 0.25mcg

- Zinc sulfate Monohydrate IP (eq. to elemental Zinc) 7.5mg

- Magnesium Sulphate IP (eq. to elemental magnesium 50mg)

Fibrolin-NT Tablets

- Pregabalin (SR)

- Nortriptyline and Methylcobalamin Tablets

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