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Freshee Powder

- Freshee Powder is mixed with water and is a great way to enhance your energy instantly. It has Vitamin C and Zinc which are essential minerals for the body. Dextrose emits energy to overcome tiredness and sucrose produces Glucose and fructose. It helps in relieving stress

- strain

- and fatigue.(Ascorbic Acid + Zinc Sulphate

- Dextrose + Sucrose)

Proage Powder

- Information About Freshee powder ( In drug category) Freshee Energy Drink Powder Is a superior energy source that provides both instant and highly sustainable energy lasting for hours without causing the jitters and inevitable crash experienced with most energy drinks. It is a safe and healthy alternative to carbonated beverages filled with artificial sugar and caffeine. Key IngredientsWaterCarbohydratesElectrolytesVitaminsEnzymes Key Benefits It revitalizes energy and heightens mental activityIt provides fuel that the body craves for optimal performanceIt maintains energy and staminaIt provides the essential elements necessary for a focused mind

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