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- INTRODUCTIONVilford M 50/500mg Tablet is a medicine used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is used together with a healthy diet and regular exercise to control blood sugar levels. This helps to prevent serious complications of diabetes like kidney damage and blindness.Vilford 50mg Tablet is normally prescribed when diet and exercise alone or other medicines do not prove sufficient to control your blood sugar level. It may prescribe alone or in combination with other diabetes medicines. It can be taken with or without food. The dose will depend on your condition and blood sugar levels. Use it strictly as advised by your doctor.


- PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONLonaz LS Tablet is a prescription medicine used to treat anxiety disorder. It is the combination medicine that calms the brain by decreasing the abnormal and excessive activity of the nerve cells. It also works by increasing the level of a chemical messenger in the brain which improves mood.Lonaz LS Tablet can be taken with or without food. However

- it is advised to take it at the same time each day as this helps to maintain a consistent level of medicine in the body. Take this medicine in the dose and duration advised by your doctor as it has habit-forming potential. USES OF Lonaz LS TABLETTreatment of Anxiety disorder BENEFITS In Treatment of Anxiety disorderLonaz-LS Tablet stops your brain from releasing the chemicals that make you feel anxious so it can reduce the symptoms of excessive anxiety and worry. It can also reduce feelings of restlessness

- tiredness

- difficulty concentrating


- INTRODUCTION Rivorox Tablet is a medicine known as an anticoagulant or blood thinner. It helps prevent and treat blood clots. It is used to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. It prevents and treats clot formation in the veins of your legs

- lungs

- brain and heart.Rivorox Tablet is commonly used in patients with irregular heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation) to prevent clot formation. It also reduces the risk of getting clots in people who have undergone knee or hip replacement surgeries. It should be taken with food and it is best to take them at the same time each day. You may need to take this medicine for many years

- even for life in some cases. USES Treatment and prevention of Blood ClotsBENEFITS Rivorox Tablet is a type of medicine known as an anticoagulant. Although it does not “dissolve” blood clots


- PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONGlimiford-MV 1 Tablet SR belongs to a category of medicinesknown as anti-diabetic drugs.It is a combinations of medicines used to treattype 2 diabetes mellitus in adults. It helps control blood sugar levels inpeople with diabetes.Glimiford-MV1 Tablet SR should be taken with food. Takeit regularly at the same time each day to get the most benefit. Your doctorwill decide what dose is best for you and this may change from time to timeaccording to how it is working according to your blood sugar levels.USES Treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitusBENEFITSGlimiford-MV1  Tablet SR is a medicine that helpsto control high blood glucose (sugar) levels. It helps to slow down thebreaking down of food in our intestine to simple glucose (sugar)

- therebydecreasing the rise in blood glucose levels after meals. It also helps get ridof extra glucose from your body through urine. Lowering blood glucose levels isan essential part of managing diabetes.

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