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Welcome to K.M.P Ayurvedic Pharma Company

K.M.P Ayurvedic Pharma Company is the founder of Mr. Khan, started K.M.P Ayurvedic Pharma Company in the year 2000. K.M.P Ayurvedic Pharma Company's Strong Ortho Products are one of the best Ayurvedic pain killer brand in the market and are available throughout the India. K.M.P Ayurvedic Pharma Company's Ayurvedic products are manufactured to deliver the best quality products, effective services and full customer satisfaction under affordable prices. K.M.P Ayurvedic Pharma Company's Products contain the goodness of time tested natural Ayurvedic herbs which helps to relieve from joint pain and other pain conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, wrist pain, knee pain and back pain.