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Appearances, it is said, are deceptive, yet there is no doubt that the way one looks plays a crucial role in the impression one creates. When the exterior is pleasant, all interactions became that much easier. Today there are several products that can be used to enhance one’s demeanor, or defy one’s insecurities. And it is to the idea of such individual beauty and improvement, that Wellman Herbals and JVS Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., has committed itself. The company is known for its personal care products such as cosmetics (fairness, skin lightning, moisturizing and cold creams, body lotions, face masks, face and body washes, hair styling gels, etc.) ointments, hair care products, toothpastes(white, gel, herbal and tartar control), all of which meet the highest standards in terms of research base, distributions systems, easy availability across local as well as global markets, reliable quality as well as supply chains, with an additional focus on customer preferences and requirements. Apart from making our products available in the open market, we also make them available in private labels and customized to individual buyer specifications.