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Aloe Vera Gel

- Natural antibiotic for cuts

- burns & infected wounds.

Aloe Vera Hair Wash

- Aloe-vera Hair cleaner or Shampoo

- a gift for hair as a tonic & scalp moisturizer.

Amla Face Mask

- Chandan

- Almond

- Khas

- Aloe-vera

Aloe Vera Hair Oil

- Aloevera and Amala

- sufficient quantity of Maka

- Bramhi

- Kachur-Sugandhi

Aloe-Vera Massage Cream

- Aloe – Vera & Wheat-germ oil

Amala Powder

- Pure Amala powder without seeds

Shatdhowth Ghrut (Cream)

- In this Ghrut aloevera

- honey & other ingredients

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