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Welcome To Indi Pharma Pvt Ltd

Indi Pharma is a young, fast growing, multi-speciality pharma company with an all India presence. Indi Pharma believes in creating a world where everyone has access to the best medicines and formulations to address their medical needs.With a mission is to create a healthier, better world, Indi Pharma has constantly endeavoured to provide the highest quality formulations and topical applications, in its chosen areas.Today, Indi Pharma is rapidly evolving into a modern pharmaceutical company, with policies in sync with global trends in medicine.With a turnover of 35 crores during the last financial year, Indi Pharma is ready to conquer new frontiers and set new standards in medicine.Indi Pharma has its offices in Mumbai and Goa, India. Manufacturing plants are located in Goa.