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Welcome To Geno Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Geno Pharmaceutical incorporated in the year 1975 as the deemed Limited Company,started its operations in the year 1977 in Bombay and shifted production in Goa in the year 1979. Subsequent to taking over of sick unit, Mr Salgaocar and his 3 Pillars have strengthened the foundation of his dream of making a successful Pharma Company. From the very beginning, their principles and single-minded objective has been to guard the health of millions through their ceaseless pursuit of superior healthcare. Thus, through their processes of procurement, manufacturing and distribution – they make sure they take the greatest care. The four pillars of the Company are: - Mrs Pramod Salgaocar, Mrs Pallavi Salgaocar, Dr Sagar Salgaocar and Mr Dilip Salgaocar and their drive to bring the company to Goa’s top Pharma brands have brought in immense success and a powerful stand in the Pharma World. Geno collaborates nationally as well as internationally for a stronger medicinal future.