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Welcome To Eos Dermaceuticals

The rapid change in work culture and lifestyle has resulted in an increase in various infectious skin disorders. With the increasing awareness amongst people about the health of their skin, Dermatology has become among the fastest growing therapeutic segments in the Indian pharmaceutical market. Eos Dermaceuticals has been established with the aim of becoming a leading player in the fast growing dermaceutical segment. We are driven by a single goal: to provide innovative medical dermatological solutions with a particular focus on quality & best in class packaging. At Eos, dermatological formulations are developed, manufactured and marketed to find the solutions for a wide range of Skin disorders as acne, melasma, vitiligo, bacterial and fungal skin infections, eczema, urticaria, dry and inflamed skin, psoriasis and other corticosteroid responsive dermatoses. By treating these conditions, we help people preserve, restore and maintain radiance in life…Eos Dermaceuticals has been named after Eos, Greek Goddess of dawn. The primary role of Eos in Greek mythology was to rid the world of the darkness of night, and to announce the imminent arrival of the Sun.