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Sodium Valproate I.P. 133.5...

- Sodium Valproate I.P. 133.5mg

- Valproic Acid I.P 58mg (Both together correspond to Sodium Valproate 200mg) Colour: TITANIUM DIOXIDE

Sodium Valproate I.P 200mg ...

- Each film coated controlled Release tablet contains : Sodium Valproate I.P 200mg + Valproic Acid I.P 87mg (Both together correspond to Sodium Valproate 300mg)Colour: LAKE TARTRAZINE

Flunarizine Dihydrocloride 1...

- Flunarizine Dihydrocloride  B.P.  Eq. to flunarizine 10mg

Divalproex Sodium 500mg Tabl...

- Divalproex Sodium I.P eq. to Valproic Acid 500mg Colour: TITANIUM DIOXIDE

Mirtazapine U.S.P 7.5mg Tabl...

- Mirtazapine U.S.P 7.5mg

Mirtazapine U.S.P 15mg Tablets

- Mirtazapine U.S.P 15mg

Quetiapine Fumerate 100mg I....

- Each film coated tablet contains: Quetiapine Fumerate I.P. eq. to Quetiapine 100mg Colour: LAKE TARTRAZINE

Clonazepam U.S.P. 0.25mg Ta...

- Clonazepam U.S.P.  0.25mg

Clonazepam U.S.P. 0.5mg Tabl...

- Clonazepam U.S.P. 0.5mg

Sertraline IP 50mg Tablets

- Each film coated tablet contains: Sertraline Hcl I.P. eq. to Sertraline 50mg


Gabapantine 300 mg + Mecobal...

- Each film coated tablet Contains: Gabapantine 300 mg

- Mecobalamine 500 mcg Colour: TITANIUM DIOXIDE. LAKE ERYTHROSINE

Mecobalamine IP 1500 mcg+Fol...

- Each film coated tablet contains : Mecobalamine I.P 1500 mcg

- Folic Acid I.P 1.5 mg

- Thiamine Mononitrate I.P 10 mg

- Pyridoxine Hydrochloride I.P 3 mg

Methylcobalamin U.S.P 750 mc...

- Each hard gelatin capsule contains: Methylcobalamin U.S.P 750 mcg

- Pregabalin I.P 75 mg

- Approved colour used in empty capsule shells

Pyridoxine Sustained Release...

- Pyridoxine Sustained Release 100mg Tablets

Duloxetine HCI 20mg Capsules

- Duloxetine HCI 20mg Capsules

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