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Dantrisht Toothpaste

- A Unique Proprietary Herbal Toothpaste with Neem

- Clove for Strong teeth and Healthy Gums

Jvarita Syrup

- A Unique Proprietary Herbal Tonic for Fever and Virals

Kashdi Syrup

- A Unique Proprietary Herbal Cough Syrup with Honey

- Tulsi

- Mulethi

- Banapsha

KOSHAMALT (With Carton) Powder

- Composition:- Each 5ml contains:Ashwagandha 100mg

- Shatavar 100mg

- Bidarikand 100mg

- Vidhara 100mg

Laxopress Powder

- Lactitol Monohydrate 10g

- Ispaghula Husk 3.5g

Liveright Syrup

- A Unique Proprietary Liver Syrup

Molvex Oil Roll On

- A Unique Proprietary Herbal Pain Roll On

Sarakt Syrup

- A Unique Proprietary Blood Purifier Syrup

Sayoni Syrup

- A Unique Proprietary Uterine Tonic

Xymore Herbal (With Carton) ...

- Each 10ml Contains:-Chtrak 300mg

- Zeerak 300mg

- Saunth 300mg

- Chavya 300mg

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