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Welcome to Chethana Pharmaceuticals

Chethana Pharmaceuticals, the group’s first manufacturing firm, was founded in the year 1985. The founder, Dr. A.M.D Nambudiri, a graduate from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, decided to set up a business after he returned to India after a career spanning more than a decade in N.America. His years of experience and expertise in liquid pharmaceutical products was the motivation to set up a business in emerging India. His nephews, Mr. Damodar Avanoor and Mr. K.P Purushothaman, who are qualified technocrats by themselves, shared the enthusiasm to set up the business and joined as partners. The production and marketing activities commenced in 1986. To begin with, small volume parenterals and a few select ophthalmic formulations were produced in the facility. Later, in the formative years, small volume parenterals were discontinued and it was decided that the group will focus on Sterile Ophthalmic and Otic formulations and Non-sterile Nasal and Otic formulations.