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Hair Care Silicon Serum

- Its light & non-greasy formula helps to reduce frizz & flyaway’s to leave hair silky smooth with hi-gloss reflective shine.

Gold Facial Kit (Cream)

- Igxia Herbs Gold Facial Kit is enriched with the goodness of Gold dust

- herbal extracts

- and essential oils.

Fruit Facial Kit (Cream)

- The fruits scrub in the facial kit

- will make the skin smoother by removing the dead cells.

Long And Shine Shampoo

- It is a combination of Amla

- Bhringh Raj

- Amica

- Brahmi

Herbal Shampoo

- Ixia Herbs Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo is an advance formula that reduces hair fall and provides nourishment to hair shafts.

Apricot Scrub

- Apricot scrub is a boon for dull

- tired & lifeless skin.

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