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Allcare 5G Syrup

- Digestive Enzyme

- Liver Care

- Alkaliser

- Laxative

Cuac Capsules

- Acne capsules

Allcare Tulsi Drop

- Tulsi drops of 5 different types of Tulsi

Allcare Mix Ras

- Neem

- Karela

- Jamun Ras (Madhu-meh Special)

Plat-Up Capsules

- Papaya capsules (Processed in Goat Milk)

Plat-Up Juice

- Papaya Juice (Processed in Goat Milk)

Ayush Kwath Juice

- Natural Immunity Booster

Allcare Arogyavati Capsules

- ayurvedic capsules

Allcare Arjun+Garlic Capsules

- Arjun

- Garlic Capsules

Allcare Giloy Capsules

- Giloy Capsules

Allcare Triphla Ras Juice

- Ayurvedic triphla ras

Allcare Gilloy Ras

- Giloy Herbal Juice

SUDANTI Toothpaste

- Mutli action toothpaste

Cucof Cough Syrup

- Cough Syrup

Cugesic Capsules

- Anti Arthritic capsules

Cugesic Oil

- Pain Killer Oil

Culact Capsules

- Lactation Capsules

Culax Laxative Powder

- Laxative Powder

Culuco Capsules

- Herbal capsules for treat Lecuorrhoea

Cupile Capsules

- Piles Capsules

Curain Tonic

- Brain Tonic

Curgy Malt Powder

- Energy Malt

Curpure Capsules

- Blood Purifier Capsules

Cusper Capsules

- Sexual Capsules

Cutine Syrup

- A complete tonic for gynaecological problems


- Liver Tonic


- Anti Stone Syrup


- Enzyme Syrup

Curpure Syrup

- Blood Purifier Syrup

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