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Vitamin C 1000mg Tablets

- Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Tablets

Ferrous Ascorbate 100mg +Fol...

- Each film coated tablet contains:Ferrous Ascorbate 100mg

- Folic Acid 1.5mg

- Zinc  22.5mg

Azithromycin Tablets IP 500mg

- Each film coated tablet contains: Azithromycin dihydrate  IP Eq. to Azithromycin anhydrous  500mg

Levocetirizine + Montelukast...

- Montelukast Sodium  IP  Eq. to Montelukast 10mg

- Levocetirizine  Hcl IP 5mg

Calcium Citrate 1000mg+Magne...

- Calcium Citrate USP 1000mg

- Magnesium Hydroxide IP Eq. to Elemental Magnesium 100mg

- Zinc sulphate monohydrate IP Eq. to elemental zinc 4MG

- Vitamin D3 IP 200 IU

Aceclofenac + Paracetamol Ta...

- Aceclofenac

- Paracetamol Tablets

Aceclofenac IP 100mg+ Thioco...

- Aceclofenac IP 100mg

- Thiocolchicoside IP 4mg

Calcium Citrate 1200mg Tablets

- Calcium Citrate 1200mg

Pantoprazole Sodium IP 40mg...

- Pantoprazole Sodium IP  40Mg

Ofloxacin IP 200mg +Ornidaz...

- Ofloxacin IP 200mg

- Ornidazole IP  500mg

Aceclofenac IP 100mg+Parace...

- Aceclofenac IP 100mg

- Paracetamol IP 325mg

- Serratiopeptidase IP 15mg

Rabeprazole sodium IP 20mg T...

- Rabeprazole sodium IP  Eq. to Rabiprazole 20mg

Albendazole IP 400mg + Iverm...

- Albendazole IP 400mg

- Ivermectin IP 6mg

Mesalamine 400mg/1200mg Tabl...

- Mesalamine 400mg/1200mg

Paracetamol IP 500mg Tablets

- Paracetamol  IP 500mg

Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride ...

- Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride  Eq. to Ciprofloxacin 500mg

- Tinidazole  600mg

Nimesulide BP 100mg + Parace...

- Each uncoated tablet contains:Nimesulide BP 100mg

- Paracetamol IP  325mg

Montelukast Sodium 10mg Tabl...

- Each uncoated tablet contains:Montelukast Sodium IP  Eq. to Montelukast 10mg

Fluconazole IP 150mg Tablets

- Each uncoated tablet contains: Fluconazole IP 150mg

Ursodeoxycholic acid IP 300m...

- Each film coated tablet contains: Ursodeoxycholic acid IP 300mg/600mg

Cinnarizine 20mg+ Domperidon...

- Each uncoated tablet contains:Cinnarizine 20mg

- Domperidone Maleate  IP Eq. to Domperidone 15mg

Ebastine IP 20mg Tablets

- Ebastine ip 20mg

Diclofenac Potassium 50mg+ ...

- Diclofenac Potassium 50mg

- Paracetamol  325mg

- Chlorzoxazone 250mg

Linezolid IP 600mg Tablets

- Each uncoated dispersible tablet contains: Linezolid  IP 600mg

Deflazacort 6mg/30mg Tablets

- Each uncoated tablet contains:Deflazacort 6mg/30mg

Drotaverine Hydrochloride 8...

- Drotaverine Hydrochloride Eq. to Drotaverine 80mg

Acebrophylline 200mg Tablets

- Each film coated sustained release tablet contains:Acebrophylline  200mg

Tranexamic Acid IP 500mg+ M...

- Each film coated tablet contains: Tranexamic Acid  IP 500mg

- Mefenamic Acid IP 250mg

Thiocolchicoside IP 8mg +Ace...

- Thiocolchicoside IP 8mg

- Aceclofenac IP 100mg

Losartan Potassium IP 50mg T...

- Losartan Potassium IP 50mg

Nitroglycerin IP 2.6mg Tablets

- Each film coated controlled release tablets contains:Nitroglycerin IP   Eq. to Nitroglycerin 2.6mg

Thyroxine Sodium IP 50mcg Ta...

- Thyroxine Sodium IP 50mcg

Levofloxacin Hemihydrate IP ...

- Each film coated tablet contains:  Levofloxacin Hemihydrate IP  Eq. to   Levofloxacin 250mg

Ferrous Calcium Citrate + Ir...

- Ferrous Calcium Citrate Eq. to elemental Iron 50mg

- Folic Acid IP 0.3mg

Diacerin IP 50mg+Glucosamine...

- Diacerin IP 50mg

- Glucosamine Hydrochloride USP 750mg

- Methylsulfonyl Methane USP 250mg

Methylprednisolone IP 4mg/8m...

- Methylprednisolone IP 4mg/8mg/16mg

Paracetamol IP 325mg+Phenyl...

- Paracetamol IP 325mg

- Phenylepherine  IP 5mg

- Hydrochloride  Chlorpheniramine maleate IP 2mg

Phenylepherine HCL 5mg+ Cet...

- Phenylepherine HCL  IP 5mg

- Cetirizine HCL IP 2mg

- Paracetamol  IP 500mg

- Caffeine (Anhydrous) IP 15mg

Etodolac IP 500mg Tablets

- Etodolac IP 500mg Excipents

Ondansetron Hydrochloride IP...

- Each uncoated orally disintegrating tablet contains:Ondansetron Hydrochloride IP  Eq. to Ondansetron 8mg

Cetrizine Hydrochloride IP 1...

- Cetrizine Hydrochloride IP 10mg

Sildenafil Citrate IP 100mg ...

- Sildenafil Citrate IP Eq. to Sildenafil 100mg

Torsemide IP 10mg Tablets

- Torsemide  IP 10mg

Spironolactone IP 50mg Tablets

- Spironolactone  IP 50mg

Tamsulosin Hydrochloride IP ...

- Tamsulosin Hydrochloride IP 0.4mg (As Modified release)

- Dutasteride  IP 0.5mg

Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate ...

- Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate IP 200mg

Nitrofurantoin IP 100mg Tabl...

- Nitrofurantoin IP 100mg

Sodium Bicarbonate IP 500mg/...

- Sodium Bicarbonate IP 500mg/1000mg

Trypsin IP 48mg+Bromelain 9...

- Trypsin IP 48mg

- Bromelain  90mg

- Rutoside Trihydrate BP 100mg

Paracetamol IP 325mg+Chlorzo...

- Paracetamol IP 325mg

- Chlorzoxazone USP 250mg

Doxylamine Succinate 20mg+ P...

- Doxylamine Succinate 20mg

- Pyridoxine HCL IP 20mg

- Folic acid IP 5mg

Rabeprazole Sodium 40mg+ Lev...

- Rabeprazole Sodium 40mg

- Levosulpride 75mg tabs

Losartan Potassium IP 50mg +...

- Losartan Potassium IP 50mg

- Hydrochlorothiazide IP 12.5mg

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