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Welcome to Akognos Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

A Healthcare company which converges on the notion of "Innovation with a Difference" emerged from Greek words- “Akos”-Remedy & “Gnosis” – Knowledge giving a meaning Knowledge of Remedy. We aim to provide infinite healthcare solutions to the Medical fraternity in conjugation with the best academic assistance and innovative ideas for patient care. With roots dating back to 2015 Akognos Life Sciences was established with a sole purpose of being the most reliable and trusted partner for therapies related to Nephrology, Solid Organ Transplant & Immunology. As a known fact that End Stage organ diseases have grown as a silent epidemic of the 21st century while millions of people are diagnosed with diseases necessitating critical kidney & liver treatments. Right from the inception, Akognos has entrenched strong footholds in Nephrology & Transplant segment and is successfully playing a prominent role in fulfilling the unmet needs of patients at affordable prices, thereby reaping the faith of thousands of patients in us.